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Welcome to EXA Solutions, Inc.

We have the service and the quality you are looking for.

EXA Solutions has been created with the idea of multiservice in mind, always seeking to offer high quality services without raising costs to the client user, which is why we have created alliances with the most important in each of the sectors manufacturers and suppliers, in this way we can always provide cutting edge products and services to the highest market standards.
EXA Solutions, Inc.

We are profesionals

We are a trained and specialized in the world of IT equipment, whose working formula and response time makes the difference and brand new trends in this area.

We are responsible

Nos caracterizamos por brindar a nuestros clientes siempre soluciones de la más alta calidad con prontitud y esmero.

We are experts

We have over 15 years experience in IT and have been pioneers in implementing new trends governing the market.

Our services

Cloud Hosting

We have our own servers on USA and Panama, so we can provide a first class service and faster support.

GPS Localization

We have the GPS tracking system that will help you to keep track of your mobile assest.
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Web consulting

We have a well experienced team with more than 15 years in the market.
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